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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  July 8, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning and welcome to "this week." the economic recovery. strong. >> this kick in the gut got to end. >> we got to grow the economy faster. >> refocuses the presidential race on the struggling economy. the big question, can president obama turn the economic tide before november? can mr. romney convince voters that he can do better? two governors debate those questions. potential running mate bobby jindal and martin o'malley. plus -- >> it's a tax. they decided it was
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constitutional. >> more fallout from the supreme court health care decision. our third heat wave and a record heat wave have people asking, dog days of summer or evidence of global warming? that and more on our political roundtable. good morning, everyone. george stephanopoulos has a well-deserved morning off. hopefully, he's cooling off somewhere. big news this week that depressing jobs report. new evidence of a trulging economy. truly. and that means more questions about whether president obama or governor romney is the best man to fix things. our guests are ready to continue that debate. republican governor of louisiana bobby jindal and maryland
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governor mall leigh. o'malley, the economy stinks. let's take a look at the trend. this isn't a one-month blip. look at the numbers. second quarter, 80,000, 77,000, 68,000. governor o'malley, how does president obama answer a voter who says, you inherited a terrible mess, granted, we hired you, you failed. >> we faced the biggest job losses since the great depression, that's what george w. bush and his failed policies left to us. we have put under president obama's leadership, 28 months of private sector jobs growth. would we like to be happening faster? you bet we would. the republican congress has done
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everything to stall this recovery. you know what, perhaps they might succeed. no one can argue the fact that last year, we created more jobs than were created in all of the eight years of george w. bush, that happened in 2010 as well. we need to keep moving foward. it would be great if the people of our country make change and put in some people who will create jobs. >> governor jindal, what about that point, this is guard motion, it this is job creation and more, overall, than the bush administration create snd. >> well, terry, let's look at the facts of the full four years, where president obama has been president, we have lost more than 500,000 jobs. you look at median family income has decreased. median family worth, two-decade low. by any measure his policies have
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been a failure. the president at his beginning of the term, give it three years. president obama went to ohio, give us two years. look, the president himself, his administration said that words matter. let's take them at their words. their policy isn't working. he passed an $800 billion stimulus package. unemployment had been above 8% for 42 straight months. look, kids come out of college, half of them are going to be underemployed. however you measure this, this economy is not growing. this president's policies simply aren't working. >> one of the tough things for on the president, he made
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promises and had to come in front and explain what went wrong. here's karl rove's group, an ad that have put together with some of those statements. >> america's jobless rate is still too high. barack obama has lots of excuses for the bad economy. >> headwinds coming from europe. bad luck. an arab spring. an earthquake. some things that we could not control. we have been lazy over the last couple of decades. >> you know, governor o'malley, obviously that's political ad, doesn't barack obama own this economy in. >> i think what he owns is the leadership of our country forward. what he owns is the responsibility in his power to dig us out of the hole. president obama isn't running against the almighty, but the alternative. the al tern theive in this case
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is mitt romney. who had the 47th worst among job creation. he has a talent for offshoring american jobs. sending them overseas. and maintaining offshore bank accounts in bermuda and swiss bank accounts. . the question he'll have to answer, what is his alternative? i don't know a swiss bank account to create america jobs. that's not an economic strategy for moving our country forward. >> for the record, i asked you about president obama. you ended up attacking mitt romney. >> because this is a choice between two gentlemen. we need to invest in our country, in education, in our infrastructure and also in innovation, that is not the proposal that mitt romney has.
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he wants to make it even easier for very wealthy people to avoid paying taxes and maintain their swiss bank accounts while our roads crumble. >> governor jindal, mitt romney spends most of his time attacking president obama. when he puts forward his own program, he talked about cutting taxes especially for the very rich, cutting corporate taxes, deregulation, for the financial sector and what do you say for a voter who says that's the precise that cratered the economy in the first place? what's the answer to that? >> terry, first of all, let's look at the actual policies that he e he's proposing. we got up over $15 trillion of debt. you look at mitt romney's record
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when he was governor of massachusetts, per income capita higher than the national average. ranked one of the top ten turnaround states. >> but the question, governor jindal, aren't these policies going backwards? why won't voters say, we tried that? >> absolutely. listening to the policies, he said that we need a lower flatter tax codes. we need a corporate tax rate that's competitive in the world. he also said, let's take away some of those loopholes and deductions. secondly, he said let's produce more energy at home. let's approve that keystone pipeline. let's produce more oil and gas, especially from shale.
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help secure manufacturing jobs in the steel industry. third, he's also said that we can't afford all of this spending. president obama created a new entitlement program. mitt romney said let's repeal and replace obama care, get rid of those over 20 tax increases. a program that president promised to keep. so, mitt romney has said on the first day, that he would not only cut taxes he would rein in spending and stop all of these regulations that are killing jobs while at the same time, moderating wall street. >> this is a forward-looking program the romney program. >> the whole xwhik recipe? >> the economic recipe, economic recipe for disaster. and it's been proven.
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you want to talk about insanity doing the same thing over and over again. nostalgia isn't want it used to be. george w. bush, record spending increases. record unemployment. record job losses. while we would like the recovery to be happening faster, unemployment is lower now than it's been in three years, home foreclosures are lower now before president obama took office. the direction is clear, we need to move forward and the need of the republican party to reclaim their party from the radical tea party republicans who would rather kill our economy in order to score points in this election rather than move forward. >> it may be a tough sale for voters that the economy is doing as well as you point out. >> look, this is hard. the economy is moving in a better direction than it was. but it needs the acceleration needs to happen and that
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requires both parties to work together for common good. >> governor o'malley, you raised something that i want to raise with governor jindal. voters still aren't sure who mitt romney is, vanity fair took a look at his fortune. he had a secret company in bermuda. 12 offshore tax haven funds in the cayman islands and that swiss bank account. governor, what mitt romney does with his money outside of the united states, is that fair to consider. >> governor o'malley, i will get that question, governor o'malley has talked about george w. bush, that election was eight years ago. this past week, david axelrod tried to run against --
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>> governor is angry at congress. he has to be angry at the president -- >> what about his policies. got it, got it. >> what about -- >> okay. in terms of governor romney's financial success, i'm happy that he's a successful businessman. we have a president that hasn't run a business. >> what about the swiss bank accounts? >> look, the bottom line is, i'm thrilled that mitt romney has been successful in the private sector. >> but what about the money outside of the country, is it okay for voters to consider the amount of money that he's put out of the country in tax havens offshore, in secret bermuda companies, does that make sense for voters to consider? >> look, i think voters will consider all of the distractions thrown out by the obama campaign. but at the end of the day, this
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election is about two fundamental choices. about president obama who wants to continue to spend money that after he promised that he would cut the deficit. promised to reform the entitle m programs hasn't done that. we're going to way of europe. the german finance minister lectured the american president about borrowing. told us, don't tell us what to do until you get your house in order. >> with those got it. >> governor o'malley it's a distraction according to the republicans. >> oh, it's not a distraction at all. >> what's the relevance? >> the relevance is this, that governor romney can't can claim that his state was great at creating jobs while he was governor. he said, vote for me, i'm a
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businessman, i created jobs, you want talk going to way of europe, what went the way of europe were the skisz bank accounts and the money that he stuffed in that offshore swiss bank accounts. outside of places like ohio and pennsylvania. fundamental disagreement between two candidates and their visions of the future. mitt romney bets against america. he bet against america when he put his money in swiss bank accounts and also set up a secret company in bermuda, which by the way, in order avoid disclosure, he put in his wife's name right before he became governor of massachusetts, these are legitimate questions that a man who's holding out as a man who wants to lead our country
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forward, he doesn't have an economic policy. h he wanted to jaufr shore jobs. >> all right, i'll let governor jindal to have a brief last word. >> i need to respond to that very quickly. three things, under governor romney, massachusetts created jobs, turned around unemployment. below 5%. secondly, independent fact checkers made it's false of outsourcing jobs when romney was at bain. just this week, a political attempt to do something about china, democratic senator in ohio, sherrod brown said that this treasury department hasn't done enough against that. they can't run on the program -- >> i'm not changing the topic. >> gentlemen we'll have to leave it there. that will be the last words.
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i guess. and governor jindal and governor o'malley. >> thank you, terry zmrrjts don't go anywhere, our powerhouse roundtable is coming up in just 60 seconds. my specialty is pastries, not predictions. knowing what to make and when could help cut down on thousands of unsold baked goods per month. using analytics, we discovered when it's drizzling outside... people eat more cake. and when the temperature rises, panini sales go up. finding these hidden connections helped our european bakeries increase profitability by up to 20%. let's build a smarter planet. by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment.
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and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. ♪ those jobs numbers as one economist said today, this country is stuck in quick sand. >> the high light from the june jobs report is disappointing. if you're an incumbent president that's not the kind of headlines you want to hear. let's talk about wit our
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powerhouse roundtable. george will is with us. e.j. dionne. from pbs, the host of watch week, gwen ifill is with us. steven rattner and mort zushgman. george, how bad is it, how bad is it for president obama. >> it's bad, bad across the board. we're now in a fourth year of a recovery, the workforce p participation is way down. it's quite clear that the president got terrible advice early in his administration. first, his advisers said, do this stimulus and it will never reach 8%. 41 months over 8%.
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beyond that, they assured him that this was going to be a v-shaped economy. turned out to not quite an "l"-shaped, a hockey stick, now we're in a growth recession, we're getting some growth but not enough to accommodate even the growth of the work force. >> and let's go to our friends in the business sector, steven and mort, mort, is this the new normal, this kind of struggle? >> it will certainly continue for a while. i think what has been tried added a huge amount to the deficit spending. this is going to continue i believe for quite a while. it's going to be very difficult now to improve the economy through additional, fiscal spending. we're on the verge of being broke. you know, i think hemingway novel, said, how did you go broke? first slowly and then suddenly. we have to be careful that
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people don't lose confidence in the american dollar. it's not sustainable and it has not world. we'll have find a whole set of different policies that work. >> so we're tapped out? >> we are tapped out. but in the front run, there are things that we can and should be doing with the economy. i would argue that the stimulus program, the financial rescue, the auto rescue, all got us in a much better place had none of those things happened. you have to remember a lot of this unemployment is coming from a few very defined sectors, government, constitution, even things like media, which some of you guys are in and finance, flat to declining employment. when you have one third of your economy not gaining jobs, is
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this the new normal? yes. including global competition, the effect that it has on our wages. >> and the buck stops with the guy with no corners, gwen. >> that's true. in the end, no one really cares about the numbers and the excuses. that's why that romney ad is kind of useful. people feel a great deal of anxiety. the choice they're making now isn't between whether they're going to have a job, their choice is either of these guys is going to make their lives better? if they're not convinced by romney, they'll stick with one they know. if obama keeps digging deep then he's in peril.
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that's how voters talk to me about this. they don't talk about the numbers. they don't say, he saved the auto industry. otherwise, they're thinking, what about me? did they save my kids' future? >> talking about the headwinds. the president. >> one thing is from the beginning, the stimulation should have been bigger. to get votes. the unemployment rate would be a point lower and so, ironically, because the republican controlled in local government the pushback in the congress and the fact that obama didn't go big enough in the beginning. you got to unemployment rate higher. the interesting question is, why is president obama still ahead in these polls and especially still ahead in the swing states? i mean, we have had this sluggish growth. and i think part of the problem for romney, he made a simple
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argument which is, things aren't working. president obama didn't fix them. try me. if there's a negative number in front of the jobs numbers, then president obama is inning big trouble. at the moment, romney isn't offering much except for tax cuts, cuts in regulation and there's a feeling that, well, that won't work. and i think, romney is in trouble with a lot of switches and positions. so, obama is maintaining a lead in the face of bad numbers. >> surely the stimulus was an exercise in faith-based policies. they had this faith in the multipler effect of federal spending. while it didn't multiply. by the standards they
9:24 am
enunciated. >> george -- >> this has been studied by bipartisan economists. the problem that obama has, he's trying to prove that without the stimulus it would have been worse. no way that we can all agree on that. or come to a consensus. without the stimulus, you would have had much higher unemployment. a third of that stimulus went to states. if they didn't get that $300 million, imagine how many people would have lost their jobs. >> if that money would have gone into some part of the economy, and it has a multiplier, we would have had a much better economy, that was a payoff if i may say to the public service unions. it was a political thing.
9:25 am
i disagree with it at the time. it didn't work well enough and the president has to be held responsible. the great american job machine has broken down. we're four years into a so-called recovery and it's the worst recovery that we have ever seen and now we're looking at the possibility of a double-dip recession. >> there's studies that showed that the stimulus created jobs. you have a campaign that's government is too big. the most interventionist policy by the obama administration the auto bailout is also the most successful. one of the great ironies of this election, if president obama wins michigan and ohio, bailing out the auto industry will be the key. >> even with in those states not
9:26 am
involved. >> one of the great arguments of this election aren't having this debate that we're having at this table. in the end, for most voters this is the voice of alternative. they may think president obama could have done more and more jobs created. but governor romney has to prove that he's a reasonable alternative. >> voters saying neither one of them have the answer? >> the secret of the auto bailout, we didn't have to go to congress. we used it using t.a.r.p. money. that's a metaphor for a broader problem. they passed nothing and you have to put them in the mix as we debate who's responsible for this problem. >> try very hard to fight him and mitt romney. and he keeps ceding grown. >> this country responds to
9:27 am
leadership. in response to presidential leadership and not congressional leadership. >> inspite all of this bad news, let me remind you of 1980, a week before the election, when reagan left to go to cleveland for the one debate with carter, abc had reagan ahead a little bit, time magazine had carter ahead a little bit. a week later, reagan carried 44 states. the country will at some point, they'll throw a switch, this isn't working or this is the best we could do. i wouldn't be confident. >> reagan, romney isn't reagan. obama isn't carter and hostages aren't in iraq. we'll take a break right
9:28 am
now. we'll talk about the veepstakes. they're heating up. >> his slogan for this campaign, it could be worse. romney's slogan for the campaign, it could be better. doesn't it make you wonder what mitt romney is trying to hide from the american people. and extreme storms. what's to blame? >> 100 degrees in new york city. it was so hot, mayor bloomberg, said, screw it, give an extra large soda. ♪ evo, a device like no other. ♪ hear what you love with beats audio. ♪ capture what you love with continuous shooting. over 7 million people already love evo,
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now it's your turn. the htc evo 4g lte. exclusively from sprint.
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lots more roundtable from here at the newseum in washington, d.c., right after this from our abc stations.
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♪ maybe you took a vacation every once in a while. it wasn't necessarily fancy vacation at some fancy resort. the best vacation that i had as a kid, we traveled around the country on greyhound busses and we stayed in howard johnsons. >> i'm delighted to take a vacation with my family. i'm sure all americans appreciate the memory that they
9:33 am
have with their children and grandchildren. >> the battle of the vacations. we're back with more of the roundtable. george, this seems silly, it goes at something that's at work in this campaign, that's essentially a class conflict. >> they're trying to make mitt romney not likable. pete hart, i have said this before, go back all of the complicated metrics, the likable guy usually wins. they're trying and so far in succeeding in making mitt romney's core argument, i'm a business guy a negative. the country doesn't look upon his business career in a happy way. >> and what they're doing with that business? what do you think with this notion of going after his investments abroad, offshore accounts, making that part of the argument against it? >> he's done things that the
9:34 am
average american can't relate to. look i'm a private equity guy, i'm aware of some of these -- >> do you have an offshore account? >> basically, getting an interest-free loan from uncle sam. i think these are absolutely fair game. >> well, i think what's fair game about romney, he was a very effective governor of massachusetts. very effect iive governor when brought the olympics to salt lake city. it shows that he knows how to manage situations. this president has never run anything. his inability to communicate with the congress, which is just astounding when you meet people that say, they haven't met with him 3 1/2, four years that he's been president.
9:35 am
a front-page story on "new york times," he hadn't had a conversation with the president. this president doesn't know how to work government. >> to me, it's 100 degrees in washington today. i do not begrudge anyone a vacation. i would love to be on a vacation right now. what they're doing to do on the boat, it was loaded up with their family. every time mitt td to romney, he's with his grandchildren, who obviously adore him. when you see the president talk about childhood, and when you see him more interesting in his speeches say, i see my daughters in you. he also is trying to make himself likable. this is what they do. now, when you vacation at an estate many that are that's
9:36 am
vineyard, that will take away from that. >> one of the interviews that i had during this campaign at a gingrich rally, there was gentleman there, why are you for gingrich or romney? he said that romney reminds me of john kerry. i thought about that as we focus on vacation. as you suggested, bush people jumped on the wind surfing thing. i think george underscored the essential point, romney hoped that his experience at bain capital would be a political asset. but guess what, after all of these advertisements, it's turned into a liability. there were different ways of having capitalism in our country and there ares a pektds on of the way that the private equity works. that don't sit well with americans. that's why we're having this big
9:37 am
argument. let's get to an issue, health care. romney campaign was all over the map this week. >> the fact of the matter is, you for individual mandates. i'm going to rescind obama care, but the record is very clear. the question has been who can stand on the stage, look obama in the eye and say, obama care is an obama nation for this. >> that was back in the republican debate. but it presents the problem that rick perry stated, could a guy that had that health care program in massachusetts bring it to the president. >> he's having trouble.
9:38 am
he cannot make the case, he has not made the case. he wants to change the subject. and this regard, he has the president's cooperation, because he wants to change the subject. because no one wants to talk about health care. >> but both sides want to talk about taxes. who will raise your taxes? that wonderful old story that they drag out every four years. it was interesting this week to see the president actually step out on his campaign to start to vent about his health care plan. instead of being on the defensive. >> i think that's right. i think that the obama campaign now wants to talk more about those aspects of the health care bill that they didn't talk about enough before that are actually popular with people. this is an amazing moment for romney. they should have a position ready for the supreme court made the decision.
9:39 am
it looked like he switched his position and caved to pressure from the republican party and that plays into another narrative that the other side is trying to build. it's hard to understand how the campaign got to that point. >> but there have been two studies on what they call political insecurity, one by stanford and one by the university of chicago, and both of them came to the conclusion, 2 1/2 million jobs weren't created primarily because of the health care program. and look at just one thing in the health care program, every company that has 50 employees or more is going to have take on a new level of health care which is going to raise their costs $70 a week per employee. w you foe that's going to do to lower businesses?
9:40 am
>> takes care of pre-existing conditions. children under 26. fundamentally i agree with george, slightly to my surprise, i think romney potentially had an issue in health care. he had -- he sort found a line that got him through in massachusetts, this past couple of weeks, between supreme court and what he did on the mandate, going back and forth, this is a tiny little thing that he couldn't get out of his own way on it. >> and there are republicans who are very concerned right now about the way the romney campaign is going, the wall street journal, among others, are just hammering the romney campaign right now. in an editorial, this is the gospel of the conservative movement in some ways. the romney campaign thinks it can play it safe and coast to the white house. mr. romney promised republicans
9:41 am
that he was the best man to make the case against president obama, whom they desperately want to defeat. so far mr. romney is letting them down. george? >> to be fair to the romney campaign, at some point in every campaign, the people aren't included in the campaign, which is 90 mkt prp activists, we can do it better. >> that happened a month ago for the democrats. >> so this is for normal. governor romney seems to be risk-averse. a four-corner stall, that almost killed basketball. so, they put in a 30-second shot clock. he'll have to do something more than say, obama's not working and he said to cbs news this week, as long as i keep talking about the economy i'll win. but you say about the economy and what you hope you give to
9:42 am
people. >> the editorial paper is att k attacking obama. on one hand, george is right. there's a risk aversion. if he keeps talking about how bad the economy is he'll win. there's also a problem for some of the conservatives making the case. they want romney to go all of the way over to the right where they are and that's where they want romney to be. if they go that far right, they'll lose some of the voters. they're both kind of right and wrong. zbrit's a long-item. e it's suicide aversion. if romney starts talking about his economic plan, 20 mkt across the board tax cuts that aren't
9:43 am
paid for. cutting a whole series of programs, i'm not sure he's going to win the election. >> let's close this up by talking about the vice presidential stakes. the veepstakes. this is the process where everything goes into the pot. jake tapper sat down with chris christie for "nightline" and talked about one of the issues that's in calculation of whether he should be the vice presidential candidate. take a look. >> some people, you know, drink too much. some people take drugs. some people eat too much. see, you can go, live every day without drinking. you can live every day without drugs.
9:44 am
you can't go every day without eating. zmrirt's a fact, weight is probably an issue, i want to go around the horn, who do you think it will be. >> either tim pawlenty or rob portman of ohio. i think portman is a very strong candidate and may help him carry ohio which is a very, very k critical state in the election. >> the only real issue is whether he picked something that's a mistake like sarah palin. if you look at history, fewer and furer times has a vice president helped a presidential candidate. >> i'm an agnostic on veepstakes. in part because we're often wrong. it seems right, it doesn't really matter, people are going to vote for the candidate. but this gives us something to talk about during the summer. >> it told us something about mccain. >> yes. >> i can say with absolutely
9:45 am
certainty, it won't be sarah palin. portman is clearly the washington choice. he may end up being the choice because of ohio. i think there's a competition between pawlenty and jindal. jindal was kind of trying out for it today. >> steve's right. there's precious little scientific evidence that it matters in american politics. it matters in american history. 14 vice presidents have become president. mitt romney has been risk-averse. he needs an alternative on health care. two guys will give him that bobby jindal and paul ryan. more of our roundtable in just 60 seconds. discussing this record heat wave and america's pastime at the all-star break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] summer is here.
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and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful, efficient c250 sport sedan with an agility control sport-tuned suspension. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. ♪ the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. ♪
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♪ good morning. i'm meteorologist ginger zee in central park with an extreme historic weather week it has been. the heat has been ferocious. across the country 2,000 record highs set this month alone. st. louis with ten cone second tif triple-digit days. across the heartland, prompting comparisons to the drougust bow. out west, wildfires have claimed hundreds of homes and nearly 200 acres this season. and don't forget the storms, like last week's storm that left more than 20 dead and millions without power. we know that one week of extreme heat can't be called climate
9:48 am
changes, however the associated press wrote this week, this is what global warming looks like. terry, we're going to get some relief this week and that can't come soon enough. we're back with the roundtable here. what strikes me as odd, we don't make brain surgery a political question, but we have whether or not the climate is changing because of human activities an article of political face on both sides? that seems silly. >> probably the chance that weather has broader application than brain surgery. it's something that really affects a vast majority of american people. particularly people losing their homes. the great american dream has long been, have your own home in the suburbs in particular. the american dream may be getting a job now. but it's still a key factor for
9:49 am
every american. >> the question is, are you going to do something about it or not? you know, during the heat waves, beliefs in global warming go up, surprise, surprise in the polls. what we have seen is wild weather. not only here but all over the world. what i don't understand is why people are so resistant in taking out an insurance policy, there is a lot of evidence that human activity is changing the climate. there's not a lot of amongst scientists about this. why wouldn't we want to take out an insurance policy? >> george? >> how do we explain the heat? one word, summer. i grew up in central illinois in a house without air conditioning. what's so unusual with it? call winter, there will be a
9:50 am
snap of cold. there's a difference between the weather and the climate. i agree with that. we're having some hot weather, get over it. >> but, wait a minute. wait a minute. i agree with that. but the ten hottest years on record have been in the last 12 years. there's a lot of science around this. i don't think we can just ignore it, george, and it issen issue because it's something that our political leaders need to do something about. >> is it an issue for voters? >> i come back to my argument in favor of vacations. i believe that's what most voters are thinking about now. they want it to stop and they want their power to stay on. of course there are ramifications for this and none of this comes for free. i don't think this election is going to be decide on it. >> if we have a heat wave in
9:51 am
november, it will be part of the election. the all-star break, we're lucky to one of the great baseball minds with us, george, my cubs not doing too well, but what do you think about the season. >> every baseball fan talks about the golden age of baseball. i have news for you, this is the golden age, competitive balance is back the pirates haven't had a winning seasons since 1992. they have the best record in the national league. the best new ballpark. they have andrew mckutchen in center field. 1955, brooklyn dodgers win their own world series. the whole city of new york loved them. they drew 13,500 a game.
9:52 am
this year, the average attendance is 31,000 and going up. this is the golden age of baseball. >> golden age. >> the new york yankees are once again doing fabulously well which is a great thing -- >> yawn. george will, e.j. dionne, gwen ifill. your voice is coming up. three moments from this week in history. what year was it. al qaeda targeted the world trade center for the first time. the government sieged of the branch davidian community of the texas compound ended with a fire claiming 80 lives. >> how did the victims start? >> plus the political discussion. >> asking the wealthiest 1% to pay higher tax race.
9:53 am
>> dominated by talk of the 1% and health care. >> is it possible to give everyone health care? >> some things never change. was it 1993, 1994, 1995? we'll be back with the answer.
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so what year was it? when did al qaeda first target the world trade center? and al gore make the case for raising taxes on top 1%? it was 19 years ago, 1993. and now, we honor our fellow americans who serve and sacrifice. this week, the pentagon released the names of three soldiers killed in afghanistan. and in your voice this week, today's question comes from gwen romack -- what are the best sources to get accurate,
9:56 am
non-politicized, untwisted information about the candidate's positions on key issues? good question. go to the candidates' websites. yes, it's their spin, it belongs to them and they own it. c-span has a great resource. politifact, fact check, they try to play it down the middle and our own great site at, go to otus. it really is a great source. for this kind of information. and that is all for us today. check out "world news" with david muir. and tune in tomorrow for good afternoon america, with lara spencer and josh elliott. tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf.
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